Ankylosis can be described in most online dictionaries as “abnormal stiffening and immobility of a joint due to fusion of the bones.” In dentistry, ankylosis refers to when a tooth or multiple teeth, whether they are primary or permanent, become fused to the jawbone. This prevents the tooth (or teeth) from moving into the correct position as the jaw grows. This process of ankylosis can affect any tooth, but it is commonly seen with primary first molars and incisors that have had trauma.

Treatment for ankylosis varies depending on the severity and situation of the tooth (or teeth) that’s affected. Essentially, treatment depends on how sunken into the gums the tooth is. It also matters how early ankylosis begins as it can become more severe with age. There are several considerations our dentists make when recommending a treatment plan. As with any treatment, each option will be discussed with you thoroughly.

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